Monday, July 14, 2008


January 2006. Tillamook got 10-12 inches of snow overnight! Boy were you ever excited!


Halloween 2005. You were Thomas the Tank Engine.

September 2004

It's your second birthday! Here is your Elmo cake Mom made for you.
Opening the presents. I love the look on your face. Total anticipation of what could be inside.
The truck you got. You played with this truck for a very long time. It's open on the top so it was perfect for carrying toys.
"Did you have a good birthday Nephi?" YES! I did!

June 2004

We went on vacation in June to Oregon. Here you are at Aunt Carrie's house. You were very content to sit and play with the phone wearing upside down sunglasses.
Playing at the park in Sandy, Oregon.
At the beach in Oceanside, Oregon.
I think you're still deciding if being all wet feels good. At least the weather was really nice!
Helping Dad play in the sand.

May 2004

You can wear these at home - but not at church. :)
I like to call this your Frank Sinatra smile. Love the hat off the side of your head!
Practicing for the big time.

Spring 2004

You are sitting with Grandma Zaugg. She and Aunt Carrie came with the cousins for Spring Break. As usual - we had a good time staying up late visiting and getting up early - as kids never sleep in when you want them too.

Fall 2003

"Wake up big brother!"
Ah nap time. Look how snuggled you are. You liked piling blankets all around you.
After your hospital stay - you perked right back to your active little self. Cruising the furniture was a favorite hobby of yours.
After Donovan and Christopher left for school - it was just you, Michael and Mom. We had lots of time on our hands to take really cute baby pictures!